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CLEARSTONE™ is specifically developed coating to be applied to the stones surface which permanently protects your surface, guaranteeing it will not stain or etch.

10 Year Warranty* against Staining and Etching

CLEARSTONE™ surface coating  is not a polyurethane but a formulated polyester based resin system which is water clear, non- yellowing and UV resistant that can be applied to a variety of natural stone, e.g marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine, on commercial or domestic stone finishes such as benchtops, vanities, bar tops, counters and tables.

 CLEARSTONE™ is a protective coating, not a sealer or a wax. Once coated, the stone itself no longer comes into contact with any acidic product which can cause etching. While many leading brand stone sealers offer guarentees against staining, CLEARSTONE™ protection against staining and the more problematic etching.

What is expected from a stone sealer ?

The application of a stone sealer, gives your stone a fighting chance, to give you enough time to remove any spillages before they stain your stone. Sealers are not bullet proof. It is similar to scotch guarding your sofa. You will require to seal your benchtop every two years and utilise specific stone cleaners.

But with CLEARSTONE™ which transforms your stone finishes into a trouble free work surface.

CLEARSTONE™ system is a breakthrough in protecting stone surfaces which allows the freedom of choice to use marble, limestone, sandstone, and other natural stone for their beauty and opulent characteristics. It is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications for either rejuvenating old stone or protecting new stones, used particularly in areas such as bar tops, kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities and tables.

An industry leading innovation, CLEARSTONE™ is recognised internationally as the first choice in stone protection by architects, designers and consumers alike.

Please contact us or email us to make a no obligation appointment with a Clearstone representative. To ensure the best possible standard of customer satisfaction and communication our specialists meet personally on site with every client to formally assess their needs in the first instance and develop an itemized proposal and quotation detailing the recommended procedure.